Symbolic Safety Signs


There are well over a hundred accepted signs that are knowncollectively as symbolic safety signs. The signs are symbolic becausethey each show a symbol to portray either a warning or some other safetyfeature. Symbolic Safety Signs can be divided into five categories:

  • Prohibition – A black symbol on a white circular background surrounded by a red circular border and with a red diagonal struck through the symbol.
  • General information – A white symbol on a green rectangular background
  • Mandatory – A white symbol on a blue circular background
  • Warning – A black symbol on a yellow triangle with a black border.
  • Information Fire Fighting – A red symbol on a white rectangular background with a red border


Typical symbolic safety signs used in each of theabove would be

  • Prohibition – Cigarette, cell phone, bicycle, swimmer, firearm, dumper truck – each of which is a prohibited pastime or usage
  • General information – a wheelchair, a shower, gents and ladies’ toilets, clinic
  • Mandatory – wear goggles, wear safety hat, wear boots etc
  • Warning – radioactivity, fire, lighthouse, slippery steps, high voltage electricity
  • Information Fire Fighting – directions to fire marshals, hoses, hydrants etc.


There are a wide range of symbolic safety signsavailable, and you can view many of the standard one on our website under theproducts tab. If you would like to place an order for any signs or would likefurther information regarding our range of products please contact us at +27 11 222 9800. We are always happyto oblige.