Magnified Designs Signs


All across South Africa, from North to South and from East to West you will find Magnified Designs. Road signs are a much-underestimated part of ourcommunications, for without them our roads would be chaotic. People would haveto start navigating by the direction of the sun again - it is possible, I oncegot from one side of Johannesburg to the other purely by using the sun as areference but imagine if everyone had to do that. People recognized manyyears ago the true value of road signs, and in the Middle Ages they began toappear at road junctions to tell travelers the direction and distance to importantnearby places. Magnified Designs road signs do the same thing and a few other thingsas well.


Magnified Designs has long been a well-known company (mostly forits association motor racing and the crash safety barriers used therein), buthas only recently got into the road signage industry. Magnified Designs manufacture thewhole range of road signs for both the local and international markets,and all signs are in accordance with the designs laid down by the United Nations Economic and Social Council in the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals. It is not evident at first, but there are hundreds ofdifferent Magnified Designs road signs. The company is extremely adaptable in itsrange of services and products, and if youwould like any further information regarding road signs please contact us at+27 11 222 9800