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With the possible exception of our travel or tourist signage, there is little difference between South Africa road signs and those of the rest of the world. The one group of South Africa road signs that visitors may not be familiar with are our tourist or travel signs, which are white on brown pictorial signs that are largely self explanatory, and in many cases similar to or identical to those found in other countries. Many countries, including South Africa, base their traffic signage on the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals, which is part of the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic Treaty, to which most European countries are signatories. The United States and Canada, though complying with many of the signs, differ significantly with warning signage, in which they use yellow or orange diamond shaped signage rather than the familiar white triangle with a red border found in South African road warning signs.

South Africa’s directional road signs are found in one of two colour schemes, and these are identical to most European countries. If they relate to a highway they are white on a blue background, and if to any other roads white on a green background. In both cases the route numbers (such as N3 or R101) are depicted in yellow. Armco Signage takes every possible precaution in the production of signs that we manufacture. We are based in the West of Johannesburg in the suburb of Robertville and you may contact us at any time for further information about our products. Our contact number is +27 11 222 9800